Soi Dog Foundation

Soi Dog is a non-profit organization that rescues dogs from abuse and homelessness in Thailand, where being a homeless dog is a scary proposition. Their stories are both heartwarming and terrifying, and the work they do is the difference between life and death for thousands of pups and cats. They're out there fighting the good... Continue Reading →

Mary Oliver (1935-2019)

I'm the furthest thing from a poetry expert, but Mary Oliver somehow seemed to capture nature, life, and the best of America in a way that no one else did. I reread Wild Geese on a regular basis and any number of her poems from New and Selected Poems has the potential to leave the... Continue Reading →

Philosophize This w/ Stephen West

I'm surprised that I haven't come across this podcast from people I follow or know more often. I've learned more about philosophy from Stephen's podcasts than any book I've read or course in college. He's over a hundred episodes into his exposition and exploration of philosophy, and he's covered a huge swath of the territory... Continue Reading →

It’s Good: Musical Recommendations

I have far too many musical recommendations (equipment, sites, bands, etc.) to post here without this turning into a music site. I will, however, host this compendium of links to recommendations on my guitar/music blog, Pedal On. Sites & Guitars, Amps, Pedals: Danplifier 5E3 Tweed Deluxe


Feedly is another indispensable tool for me. It's essentially how I organize the internet. Almost anything you read has a readable feed for a news reader like Feedly. In the past, I used Digg and Google Reader before those vanished, but Feedly has far surpassed either of them. I now have well over a hundred... Continue Reading →


I can't speak more highly of a piece of software. While Todoist is great for organizing simple to-do lists (I have them for courses, projects, things I'd like to buy, movies to watch, books to read, books to consider reading next year, etc. etc.), it is also extremely useful for creating habits and mental reminders.... Continue Reading →

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