I can’t speak more highly of a piece of software. While Todoist is great for organizing simple to-do lists (I have them for courses, projects, things I’d like to buy, movies to watch, books to read, books to consider reading next year, etc. etc.), it is also extremely useful for creating habits and mental reminders.

It’s possible that the majority of the items now on my to-do list come from things I happened upon that I thought were worth remembering: articles I want to reread, thoughts I want to remind myself to do or be conscious of, something I thought of a year ago and figured I’d want to do again this time of the year. The ability to set things to repeat every three days (or five, or twelve, or any arbitrary number), or on the 10th day of every month, every weekday, or every Dec. 28th means you have a perfect platform for imposing gentle order on your life. It’s cross-platform, inexpensive, and nicely tracks your consistency. There are very few apps I’d consider indispensable, but this is definitely one of them.

Link: Todoist *note this is a referral link which would extend my premium subscription should you become a premium user yourself.

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